Sunny Sundberg

Sunny Sundberg began writing songs, singing, and playing the guitar at an early age. His first band, formed when he was about 13 was called “The Life Savers.” He attended North Park College in Chicago where he toured with the college’s musical groups.

He toured full-time with The Continental Singers, and from 1976 until 1979, with a group called "New Hope." After that he got married to Suzie, and became a pastor at various churches in Kansas. Over the next twenty years while he was a pastor, ne never stopped singing. He led worship, put on concerts, and recorded, both as a solo artist and with various bands.

Sunny always considered himself to be a singer who played guitar, but after undergoing a serious surgery to his vocals chords in 2004, he became more serious about his guitar playing. In his last band, “Spirit’s Wind,” he was the lead guitar player but not the lead singer.

That experience also moved him more to a more electric style of playing. Always a “folkie” he found himself reconnecting with a rock and roll past that he hadn’t connected with before, with even when he was younger.

Now, well into his fifties, he finds himself a businessman and a rock guitar player. Sunny says he will never stop playing. Music is his passion. The passion is a God-given gift that cannot be ignored. Now fully recovered from the surgery he is singing and playing better than ever.


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