Stan Pollmann

Stan Pollmann grew up in Northeast Nebraska on a farm, playing the guitar. He formed his first band when he was eleven years and by the time he was in high school he was fronting the well-known regional group, “The Dynamic Drifters.”

Out of high-school in 1964, he enlisted in the Navy to see the world. He played guitar and sang while in the Navy, playing throughout most of the Mediterranean areas of Europe. Back home in 1967, Stan settled in Colorado Springs, Colorado where he formed a new band that played regularly in local clubs while he developed his electrical contracting business.

In 1977, God performed a miracle in his life and Stan became a follower of Jesus Christ. At that point he decided that he would use his music to only glorify God. He also began writing all of his songs, intent on bringing the clear message of God’s love and mercy through the most powerful media he knew – music.

Stan played solo from 1978 to 1988, but since then he has always had a band of some form or another.

In 1996, The Dynamic Drifters were elected into the Nebraska Music Hall of Fame. In 2003 Stan was voted Christian Country Artist of the Year; and in 2006 & 2007, Christian Classic Rock Artist of the Year by King Cat Music (formerly Kansas City Christian Music.)

Through it all, Stan never laid down his guitar or stopped singing. He still does about twenty dates a year and has no intention of ever stopping.





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