Kevin Gregg

Like many young people, Kevin Gregg began playing the saxophone in the fifith grade. He continued trough high school where he played in the marching band, stage band, jazz ensemble and so forth. He loved it so much that he decided to major in music at Central Missouri State in Warrensburg.

In college the pressure to rehearse four hours per day and the realization that there were many more great players around became discouraging. He changed his major after one semester and went on to become a social worker. He has been with Jackson County Family Court for twenty-six years.

After about twenty years, a good friend who was now the music minister at his church, asked him why he never played the saxophone. He explained that he had sold his sax at a garage sale year before and wasn’t really interested. Instead of taking “no” for an answer, she borrowed a saxophone and told him to take it home and practice.

He was amazed that he could still play and that the old love was still there. Before long he was playing with the church worship band. There he became acquainted with others musicians and joined the locally popular Christian blues band, Mission Blues.

According to Kevin playing music is great hobby and wonderful diversion from his daily job as a counselor to troubled youth. The fact that he is using a God given gift to glorify God makes it special.

Kevin’s return to the saxophone has also brought him closer to the jazz world and the great saxophone players of the twentieth century. He wants to continue to grow in this area as he adds the flute and soprano sax to his repertoire.



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