Abe Reddekopp

Abe Reddekopp has western dirt in his blood. He grew up in the Canadian plains loving cowboys and everything western.

He met his wife in Bible College in Winnipeg and together they went to Del Rio, Texas, a Mexican border town, where they worked as missionaries for fifteen years. They were then called to the Gospel Missionary Union headquarters in Kansas City, MO where he worked in the communications department for thirty-five years.

When he retired in the year 2000, Abe decided it was time to get back to his Western roots and developed his Uncle Abe persona, writing and singing western songs, playing the guitar, and telling stories about the Wild West days and the cowboy life.

Abe keeps busy playing about 40 to 50 dates a year throughout Kansas and Missouri with occasional longer jaunts to festivals or special events. He loves to keep the old west alive and communicating the love of God to children of all ages through humor and good music.





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